I noticed a problem at my serving job the other day. Due to Covid shortages, we can’t have a stable bar menu. Alcohol is constantly going out, and it is time-consuming to have to re-write all of our alcohol on a list.

I was thinking of developing a virtual menu, where the admin can add items, and then take them off/put them back on. The items can also be categorized – for example, bar foods, drinks, draft beers.

Once the admin is done adding the items, the menu-webpage will auto-update and customers are able to use a QR code to view it. I did a simple design sketch that I attached to this post.

Part of me was also thinking that I could have all menu items on a google sheet that would auto-update a google doc, but I couldn’t find much material on that.

Unfortunately, I have very little experience in Web Development. I am a rising sophomore Software Engineering student and all I know is Python.

I don’t really know where to start. I’m assuming that I’ll be using HTML, CSS and Java. I was thinking of using a CSS framework, such as Ionic.

Not really sure how to start out from here. Any advice to begin/noticed design flaws will be appreicated!

r/webdev - Beginner Programmer Looking to develop a Virtual Menu! Advice appreciated.

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