Hi all! I’m new to this subreddit, and let me just say that the work on here is flipping fantastic. Keep it up everyone.

I myself am a newish and not extremely successful graphic designer named Addy. 23 years old. Nice to meet everyone! I guess I’m here to ask for some insight and advice.

Let me just preface by saying: I love graphic design. Truly. For much of my younger adult years I was really excited about all the opportunities that could come out of studying graphic design, and I really wanted to burst into the industry with my own unique painterly style (I was into fine arts before design).

I graduated from SCAD in May 2020, almost at the start of the pandemic. I didn’t get to walk at my graduation. My final and arguably most important classes were online and disorganized. An already extremely competitive field became even more ridiculously competitive. Since then, I’ve had a bit of freelance, and have worked with some startup companies, but I’ve failed to secure any type of full-time or legitimate internship.

r/graphic_design - Been graduated from design school since May 2020, and still no job. At what point should you call it quits? {portfolio included}

This is the front page of my portfolio website. Link at the bottom!

And I guess I’ve found myself here because I’m discouraged. Living with my parents for the last year has been bad for my mental health, and unfortunately getting covid impacted my health pretty hard which made me loose a lot of momentum. In my ‘old age’ I’m also coming to realize that I don’t particularly like social media, even though I love graphic design. I have a terrible habit of comparing myself to other peers on social media, and I just wreck havoc on my own self esteem. There’s just so much talent out there and not enough jobs. This is a pickle because I feel that any graphic designer needs to be active on social media.

So my question is just if anybody can relate or has any advice? I hate to say it like this, but at what point do I just call it quits? Being a designer was pretty much my goal for my whole life, and my parents paid for my overpriced SCAD tuition, so if I called it quits then I would just feel so guilty and lost. But at the same time, I just don’t know if I’m cut out for this.

Feel free to check out my work at https://addymaly.myportfolio.com.

Thank you in advance!

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