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Hello. In January 2021, I already presented the alpha release of our eMarket online store engine. Now we want to present a beta release.

At first glance, there are not many innovations, but all of them are of great importance.

– Moving from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 5.
– Vanilla JS. This is a lot of work. We’ve replaced all third party JS apps with vanilla ones. Also, all our code is written in Vanilla. This offers great opportunities.
– Made structural changes
– Added SMS providers


– Multilingual
– Multicurrency
– Manufacturers
– Taxes
– Currencies
– Weight
– Length
– Vendor codes
– Units
– Order statuses
– Countries
– Regions
– Zones (for shipping, taxes and etc)
– Discounts
– Stikers (+ Gift and etc)
– Specifications
– Multilingual slideshow
– Modules (shipping, payment, sales, providers)
– Directory management through the context menu
– Logs
– Images by category
– Template builder
– Ajax fileuploads
– Friendly interface
– And much more

Criticism is welcome. But please give me a discount on the fact that this is still a Beta version. A lot of functionality will be added to the full release.

GitHub – https://github.com/musicman3/eMarket

ADMIN PANEL DEMO (http://demo.emarketforum.com/controller/admin/)

pass: 1234567


CATALOG DEMO (http://demo.emarketforum.com)

pass: 1234567

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