Hey folks,

I am building a landing page for a client and I am stuck in a design implementation that turned out to be a nightmare 🙃

I need to make the right side of the design responsive (the sexy curves). The difficulties I face at the moment are:

a. How to keep a ratio that can make the curves from the above div fit exactly (as the vw unit is doing some unwanted rounding). Try resizing the page I attached below and you can see what I am talking about.

b. How the content on the left can scale properly so the height of the right size do not appear smaller than the total container’s height (image 2)

If anyone could help me I would be eternally thankful and here you can find a link to the Codesandbox, and if you try this please open this in external page (this works on a screen > 768px).

r/web_design - Refactoring Help (Tailwind/React)
r/web_design - Refactoring Help (Tailwind/React)

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