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I am currently studying multimedia design, graduating this semester. In my time off I have designed a tatto that I really want. It’s inspired by a band that I really like’s newest album. The band is called “Bring me the Horizon” with their newest album “Post Human: Survival Horror”. The roses used is a reaccuring theme in their songs from this album, with the unicursal hexagram in the middle being their official logo.

I came up with the design underneath here, which I really thought looked perfect. I contacted a tattoo artist who then told me that the yellow-ish color would be a bad idea for a tattoo since it would fade fast, and can often look a bit weird.

I’ve tried with a few other colors since, but can’t quite get near the same satisfaction I had with this color. I was hoping someone here could potentially help or come with a suggestion for a specific color to try, as some of you probably know a lot more about color than I do.

r/graphic_design - Color issue with to-be tattoo design

Original design

These are some of the other colors that I have tried that I think work best. But again, I still really like the original one I created. (dont mind the background on the ones below. I put the tattoo on a picture of my skin, to see what it would look like)

r/graphic_design - Color issue with to-be tattoo design

Alternative designs

The color can’t be too bright, and especially not bright yellow, like the original design.

Any help here would be very much appriciated, since a tattoo is permenant. I have been told by friends to just go with whatever color I personally like the best, but being tought graphic design kinda messes with that a bit, since I can’t help thinking of what colors best compliment the roses and its vines, contrasts and so on.

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