Welcome to r/graphic_design‘s monthly showcase! Each month, we highlight some of the best work submitted by our community. As an added bit of fun and competition, we’ve enabled voting on this post for you to choose your favourite piece of the month (the creator of the piece with the most votes will receive a custom, unique flair in recognition of their achievement). Hopefully you enjoy and please feel free to vote for your favourite 🙂

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Uncle Herb’s Cannabis Shop Branding, by u/sleepysparrow-

r/graphic_design - May 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/sleepysparrow-

u/sleepysparrow- created this branding for Uncle Herb’s, a cannabis shop. Complete with brand guidelines covering type, shapes, colours, and graphic elements, it’s a well thought-out project. Steeped in sun-drenched 60s and 70s nostalgia through its earthy palette and curvy fonts, the branding really lends the product a strong sense of time and place.

r/graphic_design - May 2021 Work Showcase

The shapes are reminiscent of 70s tile patterns, adding a warm dose of nostalgia – but they’re modular enough to be tiled themselves and used in a variety of contexts!

Observ Branding, by u/Svnth-

Credit to u/Svnth-

Observ is a charity dealing with mental health in children. u/Svnth- designed this brand identity centred around a visually-striking logo (which can be animated as above) which recalls an open eye. The branding is professional and clean, lending an air of authority to the brand.

However, the brand is saved from becoming too serious for a charity dealing with children by the inclusion of big, fun emoticons. Rendered in the same stark black and white as the rest of the branding they help sand down its otherwise hard edges.

r/graphic_design - May 2021 Work Showcase

Consume Signage, by u/VaporWaveMac

r/graphic_design - May 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/VaporWaveMac

This month, u/VaporWaveMac created this threatening project as part of a series exploring capital, consumerism, and how corporations relate to their customers (something at the core of graphic design as a profession!)

The bold colour scheme recalls a certain famous fast-food chain and is almost sickly, demanding the viewer’s undivided attention. The all-seeing eye atop the signpost is ominous. Throughout the project, capitalist hallmarks are referenced and pastiched in a satisfyingly tight critique of modern consumerism.

r/graphic_design - May 2021 Work Showcase

Loam Boardgame, by u/lidolemonade

r/graphic_design - May 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/lidolemonade

For their final university project, u/lidolemonade designed this board game centred around themes of climate change and with the brief of “designing for good”. The design takes cues from retro sources with its misshapen text and illustrations, while its warm and earthy colour scheme ties into the game itself.

Thought has been given to how the project functions as a game, too, with big clear icons to help players navigate the board, clear colour signposting, and a well thought-out board design overall.

r/graphic_design - May 2021 Work Showcase

Personal Branding, by u/jaehjlee

r/graphic_design - May 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/jaehjlee

u/jaehjlee shared this personal branding project made for themselves this month. As someone brought up in an East Asian household, they wanted the branding to reference Chinese seals (used by many Chinese businesses to identify themselves in documents), hence the strong strokes and compact size. The symbol itself is based on the Chinese character that spells the designer’s surname. A lovely piece of personal branding with plenty of thought and personality inside it!

There was lots of other excellent work posted this month, and thanks must go to everyone who’s not afraid to share what they’ve been working on with Reddit! We’re looking forward to seeing what’s posted next month – please follow the rules when posting to ensure your work isn’t removed.

Go ahead and vote for your favourite piece above, if you’d like. Once the poll closes in seven days we’ll award a unique flair to the most-voted creator.

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