I do hope that I’m not going against the rules, if so, I do apologize and I’ll delete this post (or you can?). I’m working on a web page for a client and for some reason it’s showing up differently for them than it is for me and for the life of me I can’t figure out why.

Here is what they see on their iPhone 12 Pro using Safari:

r/webdev - Quick web page test.

This is what I see:

r/webdev - Quick web page test.

I tried looking on my Android phone using Chrome, my desktop with multiple browsers, LambdaTest (iPhones with Safari & Android), and Browserstacks (iPhone w/Safari and Android). They all show up as the second image, but my client sent me a video and screenshots of the first image. The desktop version seems to be fine for her. I’m trying to get it to look like the second image (so that I can replace the hexagon graphic and text with another graphic).

[tr:dl – The website was built by someone else using Advanced Custom Fields, which I don’t have much experience with, I couldn’t find what is specifically making the hexagon graphic and text to show, so I just added CSS to ‘display: none;’ to that div on that specific page].

It’s a WordPress website that appears to be hosted on WP Engines, I used the already installed WP Engine plugin to purge all the cache.

The only thing I can think of is that for some reason my client is still receiving the cached version, even though they refreshed the page.

So, I’m wondering if there is anyone that can test this page on their phone and see which version they see (ideally on an iPhone 12 with Safari, but not required).

Here’s the page:


I’m also open to any ideas as to why the page may be doing this.


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