Check out the slider in the “case studies and stories” section on I want to re-create it.

r/webdev - How do I recreate this kind of concave slider?

Concave carousel on

The important parts about this that I like are:

  1. The concave effect

  2. Shows 5 slides where the ones on either end spill outside the page

  3. The left/right navigation arrows are together in the middle

  4. The slide title is also in the middle and changes when you navigate

I’m using Elementor Pro on WordPress and I don’t mind getting a third party plugin or any extras if it’s necessary to help recreate this.

I don’t really need the counter. The furthest I have gotten is a very basic functional navigation in the middle that controls a regular-looking slider using the Carousel Remote (widget from The Plus addons).

Thanks in advance!

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