Hi, I don’t know if this sub is the right place but maybe you guys can help me?

I’m currently working on a page with lots of videos that should be embedded within a colored background. Videos are recorded on green screen so I can change the bg color as needed. The goal is to make the videos look as seamless as possible.

My first few tests look good but there is something happening that I just don’t understand.

In Firefox everything looks like it should – the preview image is integrated seamless into the background. When I play the video it stays this way.

In Safari and Chrome on the other hand the preview image looks good but as soon as I play the video the colors shift slightly and you can see the video border. I guess this is due to the browsers handling color profiles differently. I’m hosting the videos on vimeo, tried youtube as well with no different results.

r/webdev - embedded video colors shift slightly

chrome and safari shift color on playback (previewimage looks fine)

Can anybody point me in the right direction how I can fix this or maybe even know a solution that works?

Thanks in advance!

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