r/webdev - Building with KIN Cryptocurrency - Thursday, May 20th @ 11AM EDT on twitch.tv/SolanaTV

KIN is a cryptocurrency which provides an alternative way to monetize your ideas.

It is founded by Kik Interactive in 2017 to establish a cryptocurrency within an economy of apps and websites to offer other ways to earn money than exploiting user data.

It is build on the blockchain Solana which has one of the fastest transaction times and lowest transaction fees in the market, made for consumer apps.

Among others KIN is already integrated in apps like perfect365, madlipz, kreechures, peerbet and most recently in the messenger app Kik.

Devs participate in the Kin Rewards Engine. The more value you bring to the ecosystem, the bigger is your part on the pay outs.

KIN is tradable on different exchanges, for example at FTX.

On Thursday, May 20th @ 11AM EDT on twitch.tv/SolanaTV you can attend at a live workshop with u/beeman_nl**,** u/wmougayar and u/kidwonder to see how to build on KIN and using their SDKs.

I think, that is something very interesting for devs, that would try something new.

Thank you.

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