Hello fellow GFX Designers! I’ve decided to learn more about graphic design by beginning a series of modernising/recreating existing adverts as a form of practice, starting with this piece.

I’ve also tweaked the copy a little to modernise it.

Just a few notes on the design:

The idea behind this design was to incorporate the colour palette from the product into the typography so it’s a bit more visually balanced.

The placement of the typography from the original felt too impactful, overpowering the product image, with the big bold header clashing with the tiny sized body of text, which was also difficult to read.

The new colour palette for the text is softer compared to the original, with emphasis on the key points and the marketing lingo. I decided to italicise the text so that it was more in line with the branding language and visual identity of Nike.

The alignment of the headline coincidentally formed the shape of an arrow, which helps with directing the viewer’s eyes down the image, so naturally, the placement of the various components was done in this order:


Almost as if the product is introducing itself to the viewer.

I’d love to hear what you guys think of my version.


r/graphic_design - Recreating Marketing Graphics - Nike Edition

My recreation.

r/graphic_design - Recreating Marketing Graphics - Nike Edition

Left: Original | Right: My Version

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