I met some guys who asked me for a quick web design job. I had to do the graphic design as well so I decided to create this. It’s a web about cryptos…

r/graphic_design - I just made it!

For those wondering.


I firstly searched for ideas and connected recent ‘mooning’ events in the crypto world with the moon. Also the dog head represents the name of a new upcoming coin and orange is its colour.

I started sketching it on paper because I have no designing pad but it’s okay. I then managed to do the outlines of the astronaut suit and then gave it shape. Some other details like knees and wrinkles were the second stage. Then the moon (easy) and the dog’s head.


Lastly I coloured it and gave it colour gradient in the rope. As well as light shadows , the coin and the glowing eyes.


IMO I did a regular job. I could have added some more animation behind but they told me to do it simple. Therefore I accomplished my commitment, I suppose.

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