Hi!I am about to inform the new company I work for about the laptop that they will provide me.I am working on Macbooks for years and currently I own a 2018 version 15″ i7, radeon GPU and 16GB of ram.

I really like the big screen, but most of the time I work on three additional screens. I may work one week a month from the laptop screen tho.If there was a 16″ Macbook with M1 I would ask for it, but for the moment I can choose either M1 13″ or i7 16″.

I am using Docker on the regular basis (so I will ask for 16GB of ram), using Webpack, VS Code and running apache/nginx server on my computer. I am also using Figma if it matters 🙂

What is the wiser choice? Is the M1 chip really worth it or should I just go with the old platform?


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