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r/graphic_design - Help / Information Required: Creating my own "Diablo-2 'like' images" (Items, characters, etc.)

Property of DIABLO 2 // BLIZZARD – These are NOT my designs

Property of DIABLO 2 // BLIZZARD – These are NOT my designs.

Please note: The graphics seen above are NOT my graphics! (Property of DIABLO 2 // BLIZZARD – please let me know if these are not allowed.

Rather than beating around the *pixelated* bush XD – I will get straight to the point:

I am hoping to create graphics that are very similar to the ones above for: World Building, Board Game Creation; Primarily for eventually printing on cards (playing cards) for a game of my own. Please note that I am NOT copying any in-game graphics – I simply want to create my own that are heavily inspired by the graphics in Diablo 2 (2000)


Soft-ware / apps / design programs / tablets / computers:

– What soft-ware/program would best be used for this? Multiple soft-wares? (images will be stationary & pixelated/low res, as seen above; they will not be animated/moving.)

– Is the soft-ware(s) monthly subscription ($?), one time purchase, free?

– Open to also designing and sending graphics from an app(s) per tablet so that I can ‘free-style’ draw/create graphics. Do you recommend any apps? Specific tablets? Programs? Stylus pens for drawing on said ‘recommended’ tablet

– Other recommendations?

Learning / physical creation:

– Best place to learn from / how to design graphics like this? Not to sound ‘cheap’ – looking at various discount courses on Other recommendations? Specific places / online to learn this kind of drawing / creation? Without paying actual college/university prices/courses?

– Easier with stylus? Mouse?

– Other recommendations for getting into this kind of art?

– Websites and/or other references that are ideal for printing finished graphics onto blank playing cards, blank ‘board-game’ boards, into ‘player books’ (like DnD?) etc? (Looked at STAPLES, but also searching for other ideas – apologies as i know this is not ‘directly’ related to learningdesign.)

– Other recommendations?

Graphic Design:

– What is this kind of design called? (Pixelated? Low res? 90s/2000s?)

– I’ve utilized Aseprite + Udemy (for learning) for many ‘little’ projects before, but it doesn’t give me what I am looking for with regards to the ‘Diablo-2 Like’ graphics. Also – I don’t think you can used a stylus with Aseprite.

– Is stylus the best / good choice for designing this style of graphic design art? Other suggestions?

– Looking to create characters, monsters, magic-like stationary images, possibly landscapes and items such as: weapons, armor, plants, magic spells, potions, gems, etc – everything ‘fantasy’ related.

– Other recommendations?

Thank you again – I do hope that this is all ‘allowed’ here. If not / something not: please let me know where I can go to research / gain answers.

Greatly appreciative!

~ Andy. (graphic design noob)

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