Hey r/web_design, I hope I’m in the right sub, if not kindly point me in to the right direction.

I would like to partner up with a designer or two that could manage paid ad-hoc gigs for featured blog post images within the gaming/tech niche.

We usually work in clusters of around 20 articles. Each cluster has their own unique backdrop that you would need to create, after which you’re just switching and adjusting the .png hardware that is in the middle of the photo.

An example would be a cluster of Sega consoles, where you would need to create one retro style backdrop that would fit all 10 consoles design wise, and then you’re just placing and adjusting the consoles in .png in the middle of the photo.

For the first cluster I already know what I need, I have 20 devices that I would like to feature on a simple backdrop with a stroke like this:

r/web_design - Long Term Designer for Featured Blog Post Image Creation

Regarding the budget, the last designer asked $100 for the backdrop .psd and $5 per image after that, but it’s negotiable and we can talk about it, I don’t mind paying for great work, especially if you have some good examples.

I know that there are some great designers here who value their work much above what I just said, so please don’t get offended. I can’t find pricing for this service and I’m trying to form it right now.

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