I’m working on finalizing a color palette for a client and I haven’t been able to land on a serviceable CMYK value for most of the colors. Here’s an explanation of what I’m talking about:

r/graphic_design - CMYK Conundrum! Seeking Guidance

On the left, you can see samples from the Adobe Color website and on the right, samples from Adobe Illustrator. 

  • On the top row, the RGB and Hex values are shown: in both spaces, the colors are looking good. 

  • On the bottom row, Illustrator converts the RGB values to those CMYK values (We can see that the right side looks good but then using those values on the website look very off–way too bright).

  • And in the middle row, we’re looking at the Adobe Color CMYK conversion of the RGB values. It looks good on that website but then when I bring them into Illustrator, the muddier/bluer looking color is created.

I have 17 color values that this affects so I’m really unsure of the best path forward. My thinking is:

  1. I could try to determine a CMYK value that works both on that Adobe Color website (and others) and in Illustrator.

  2. I could transition all values to Pantone values.

Looking for any help in this department as I’ve never experienced this drastic of an issue. One clue that I think created this issue: While I was developing the palette, I realized [Illustrator < Edit < Assign Profile] was set to “Display” instead of “sRGB IEC61966-2.1” which it is currently. If it helps, here’s a screenshot of the full palette with Illustrator generated CMYK values noted:

r/graphic_design - CMYK Conundrum! Seeking Guidance

Thanks in advance!

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