Welcome to r/graphic_design‘s monthly showcase! Each month, we highlight some of the best work submitted by our community. As an added bit of fun and competition, we’ve enabled voting on this post for you to choose your favourite piece of the month (the creator of the piece with the most votes will receive a custom, unique flair in recognition of their achievement). Hopefully you enjoy and please feel free to vote for your favourite 🙂

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“Hot Ones” Bottle Redesigns, by u/brandonshepherd

r/graphic_design - April 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/brandonshepherd

This month, u/brandonshepherd redesigned some of the bottles from popular YouTube series Hot Ones. Noticing that the show currently lacks a consistent branding for its range of hot sauces (which viewers can buy), they decided to create a consistent identity across the bottles.

The bottles are loud and fun, reflecting the character of the show, and the illustrated chickens visually show the varying levels of spice without requiring the customer to read or know anything about the show. These are effective pieces of packaging design and would definitely stand out on a shelf (or e-store!)

Retro Weapon Handbook, by u/Tonsofbuckets

r/graphic_design - April 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/Tonsofbuckets

u/Tonsofbuckets created this remarkable visual guide to some unusual weapons this month. The weirdness of the weapons is reflected in the unusual colour combination (which really works), while their old-fashioned nature is visually expressed through the oldey-timey text bleed, print effects, and font.

It’s a visually-striking and intriguing project showing strong design skills and a grasp of texture too (even when designing digitally).

r/graphic_design - April 2021 Work Showcase

Alpha, by u/breakroom_misfit

r/graphic_design - April 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/breakroom_misfit

We saw a lot of 36 Days of Type related content on the sub this month, but one of the most interesting executions was by u/breakroom_misfit. They used a physical approach to the challenge, adding letterforms to plastic which was then warped and deformed.

It’s an excellent contrast to the slick, highly-polished digital approaches most designers took to the challenge and really stands out from the crowd. Additionally, the stretching of the type reminds us of the goal of the competition: to find the boundaries of the letterforms and use those to push our creative limits as designers.

21st Amendment Brewing Company Can, by u/idropshot26

r/graphic_design - April 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/idropshot26

Illustrator u/idropshot26 tried something new this month for this commission for popular brewery 21st Amendment. It’s a wild, unkempt design that stands up there with the best craft brewery cans (a fast-growing area for designers to stamp their creativity).

The brewery’s branding stands out in stark black and white compared to the colourful illustration, making the brand recognisable on a shelf. The wizard and wild text marry together nicely, promising an unusual flavour – certainly an intriguing proposition for potential customers!

Heroine Brewing Co. Bottle Designs, by u/indigoflow00

r/graphic_design - April 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/indigoflow00

Our second brewing-related design for the month comes courtesy of u/indigoflow00, who designed a range of stunning bottle labels for Cardiff-based brewery Heroine. Breaking into a traditionally male-dominated sector with female-led creative, the brand has a strong identity from which to launch this year.

The bold colour palettes and strong illustrations help distinguish the bottles, but they retain a definite cohesion through use of the same logos, typography, and structure.

r/graphic_design - April 2021 Work Showcase

This month was exceptionally strong for work, and it’s not been possible to recognise everything above. Here is some more fantastic community-submitted work from this month:

There was lots of other excellent work posted this month, and thanks must go to everyone who’s not afraid to share what they’ve been working on with Reddit! We’re looking forward to seeing what’s posted next month – please follow the rules when posting to ensure your work isn’t removed.

Go ahead and vote for your favourite piece above, if you’d like. Once the poll closes in seven days we’ll award a unique flair to the most-voted creator.

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