r/webdev - Looking for ways to make easily duplicatable pages? (Not much dev knowledge)

Draft of the page

Hello everyone, I am trying to build an MVP and have a question.

Firstly, my abilities:

– I know enough HTML&CSS to create something like the pic I posted.

– I know a bit of JS, I cannot create something by myself, but I can read&edit it.

– No backend or framework knowledge whatsoever.

– $100 to invest (:()

As my abilities are not enough to create something dynamic, I am thinking of creating this MVP in HTML&CSS with the help of minimal JavaScript.

The problem:

The page you see is a template that I will be duplicated (+change texts, icons, links etc) lots of times (at least 50 times). So editing HTML for every page sounds tiresome.

Looking for a solution:

Is there anyway I can make this duplication process easier?

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