I have a website that I’m hosting on an old laptop, 2015, and I previously have not had any problems whatsoever when it came to responses from the web server. Now, all of my requests per page take around 40 seconds to complete fulfill. In the network timing analysis of Firefox’s inspection section it states that the request status is “blocked” for a certain amount of time.

Literally nothing has changed on the website. The only thing that has changed was I moved houses and now I have a new ISP, AT&T…. ugh… What’s weird is that with my fiber connection I constantly get about 500+mpbs upload so I have no idea why the connection takes so long every time I try to load a page of my site.

Any recommendations as to how I can diagnose this? It’s a simple PHP website that plays videos files from an external harddrive and it’s served up using the Apache webserver.

I looked at my router’s NAT firewall logs and it looks like when I try to access the website, my packet’s TCP STATE get stuck in TIME_WAIT… I have no idea what that is and why it’s doing that. When I curl the webpage I get instant results in my terminal but using the web browser it takes a long time.

r/webdev - Request to home-hosted webapp are "Blocked" for 20+ seconds.

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