r/graphic_design - Logo + identity for accountant
r/graphic_design - Logo + identity for accountant

The Scope: Design a logo, curate a color palette, define a visual language.

The Client: Manuel Mattz is a new accountant getting ready to launch his business. He wanted to establish his brand and hit the ground running with a visual identity.

The Challenge: Accounting typically isn’t viewed as a warm or compelling field, so I needed to develop brand designs that allowed Manuel to be approachable while being professional. There needs to be a deep sense of trust and dependability towards and accountant, but customers also want to know they’re hiring a person, not a robot. Seeking this balance is what influenced my design choices throughout the project.

The Result: Utilizing Manuel’s initials gave the icon that personal touch, and putting the initials in a holding shape that represents a row of books was a perfect nod to his bookkeeping services. Keeping the typography clean and light made the identity trustworthy AND approachable. A classic serif font could have contributed to feeling established and professional, but wouldn’t have felt as friendly. The sans serif font with a light and heavy weight was the perfect combination to hit the mark of dependable and personable. The color palette used a deep red as a foundation, which reinforced the professional, bookkeeping feel. The warm coral, tan, and yellow gave great contrast and energy, while giving an emotional, human-aspect to the brand.

See the full project here: https://www.creativechameleonstudio.com/work/manuel-mattz-financials/

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