First, a bit of background:

3 years ago I worked for a well known publishing company (Andrews McMeel) in software development as a ‘hired gun’ contractor to architect their new in-house LoB orders tracking system as well as to build their re-usable components and mentor their full time staff in React, GraphQL and overall UI/UX. As my contract came near to close I requested permission to bring my older 2 daughters in for a day at work with me and set up some time with my older daughter (who already had an exceptional aptitude for art in multiple mediums) to sit with a few of their graphic designers.

That turned out to be a smashing success – after only 45 minutes with one of the designers, she had already asked permission to download an app on her phone (iPhone 10) and just during the drive to lunch she was nearly finished banging out her first truly digital art.

With nothing but her phone and her finger – in less than 20 minutes… (pic related)

r/graphic_design - Product Advice Request: Wacom and/or tablet + peripherals for beginner to journeyman level

She drew this in ~20 minutes (her literal first digital drawing) with only her finger and an iOS app (forget which at the moment) while riding through downtown KC Mo down to Overland park for lunch – bumpy to say the least…

So, for her birthday (12th) that year, I’d tried getting her a touch screen monitor and a subscription to Adobe Photoshop however unfortunately the monitor turned out to be far less than what we had hoped. And I’ve tried multiple screen covers (anti-glare, etc) to attempt to salvage the monitor for its intended purpose – sadly, none worked. It’s now my 2 year old’s interface to an old laptop to watch YouTube videos…

Fast Forward to now, I’ve since expanded her horizons to some video editing (she had begun to create her own animated videos by Christmas of that same year – vid below) and have set her up with some Twitch streaming and her own YT channel. Subsequently she’d also like to begin editing videos with more capability than what is provided by Twitch and Stream Labs OBS so I’ve also installed Davinci Resolve. Should her interest – and continued utilization of DR – continue, I’d like to eventually upgrade her to Adobe After Effects as well.Here’s her first animation she created – the soundtrack isn’t hers (we’ve had a talk since about using potentially copywrite protected IP)

The precocious little thing went and found the software on the Apple app store and created this completely w/out any outside help…

What I would like to get her for her birthday this year is a relatively inexpensive but yet minimally limiting Wacom pad, tablet or other such peripheral that’ll allow her to fully take advantage of Photoshop, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, and well, any other software that those of you that know what you are doing may suggest.

(sound editing software suggestions also appreciated)

Summary of my request: Please provide suggestions (with links to the products greatly appreciated) and, if feeling generous the reasoning for the suggestion as well as any caveats or advice.

Thank you very much in advance.

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