Hi everyone,

I am encountering a web design / UX / UI problem on my website regarding the menu.

Here is how it looks like :

r/web_design - Too many links in my header ? (or, how to manage a situation with many links in the header)

As you can see, the menu already includes a good number of items :

  • Home page

  • Blog (with the categories appearing on hover)

  • Guides (links to famous articles which people actually really need)

  • Formation (= Training in French, which is a product I’m selling)

  • Contact

  • Connexion = Log In — which is replaced by the user’s first name with a fontawesome icon when he’s logged in

  • Search icon

I am willing to widen the scope of things I am offering, which would mean adding at least two links :

As you can see, the space between the logo and the menu is going to get very quickly full, and as in terms of responsivity it means that I would have to display a burger menu very quickly if the window is just slightly smaller, which is not something I like (people aren’t always using full-screen windows when browsing on their computer).

Consequently, I am a bit at a loss regarding what I should do :

  • Should I move the menu to a lower line (but that would push back more page content below the fold) ?

  • I don’t really want to group menu items together as each would be very different, and I hardly see what can of grouping would make sense.

So I came here to ask for your ideas and point of view of the situation 🙂

Thanks a lot by advance,


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