Hello everyone,

I am working as an fullstack dev at a small company where we don’t have web or UX designers, so I don’t have much experience in this area. I am currently working on a personal side project (a pwa where you can manage your recipes) where I want to focus on a clean layout and design throughout the whole application. My biggest problem are forms which have a good amount of inputs, like the one below. My first feeling is that

  1. The dialog itself feels “boring” and does not motivate the user to fill out the inputs.

  2. The actions are somewhat all over the place (image upload is in the upper part, image scanning is in the lower part and action buttons in the bottom)

  3. On smaller devices this dialog will be rendered in fullscreen and due to that you will only have the form without images or something. So it looks very neutral.

How can I work on this? Do you have certain sources for me to check out about this specific topic? Or maybe some points you can point out?

Thanks in advance!

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