Ima just keep making this shit until Ryan hires me, or sends a cease & desist.

DISCLAIMER: This is unsolicited, conceptual fan artwork done by a designer who loves no two things more than design and video games!

So, after my last post, it took me a solid 4 days to get through all the comments and dms you apes sent me (thank you all so much) so I figured with all the drama today people might want to take a break from the charts to look at more imaginary visions of the future GameStop.

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Now some new stuff!

This is JUST FOR FUN, so please don’t rage at me if you hate it. Last time a couple people reacted like I burned down the store where their dead mom bought them their first pokemon card. This is all pretend and was put together with a bunch of stock imagery and photoshop for the purpose of generating some discussion and new ideas around the company.

Also, most people reaching out either wanted to sell my shit through their website or were asking me for a job at my company. The polite answer to any/all of these requests is thanks but no thanks.

Post image

Flagship Retail Exterior – I like the stop.

Post image

Flagship Retail Interior – It’s cool but I’d only use the drive-thru so…

Oh and if they wanna sell a few million shares to raise money for some big bold swings, I’ll buy some more 😉

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