Welcome to r/graphic_design‘s monthly showcase! Each month, we highlight some of the best work submitted by our community. As an added bit of fun and competition, we’ve enabled voting on this post for you to choose your favourite piece of the month (the creator of the piece with the most votes will receive a custom, unique flair in recognition of their achievement). Hopefully you enjoy and please feel free to vote for your favourite 🙂

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Aida Winery Logo Concept, by u/nycttophy

r/graphic_design - March 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/nycttophy

u/nycttophy shared this rebrand for Aida Winery this month, a vineyard in Bulgaria. Aida Peak is also known as Bear’s Mountain, informing the logo design which incorporates the bear and triangular mountain form (lines tracing up from the two slanting As to the peak on the bear’s back).

r/graphic_design - March 2021 Work Showcase

The thick, condensed text connotes power and strength, again linking into the bear and mountain imagery. u/nycttophy also designed the bottle labels, incorporating dotwork to create unique wine labels that really do stand out from the crowd.

Clubhouse Branding, by u/mrtbgz

r/graphic_design - March 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/mrtbgz

Looking to improve the current logo, u/mrtbgz had a crack at rebranding the trending app Clubhouse this month. The logo features concentric rings that form audio waves emanating to create a ‘C’ shape, tying the brand’s name to its key feature (social audio). The innermost ring also forms a chat icon, further supporting the social aspect of the brand. Smart, clean branding which is instantly recognisable.

Nature’s Bean, by u/lunadzn

r/graphic_design - March 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/lunadzn

u/lunadzn created this detailed branding for a boutique coffee roastery, Nature’s Bean, this month. The branding features warm, earthy tones that tie the packaging to the product (warm, earthy coffee beans!) The gentle contour lines further link the brand to the land that the beans are grown in. The logo itself is intelligent, combining three distinct icons to form a mark that’s indelibly connected to the product. The packaging designs are distinctive and would stand out on a shelf, containing clear information about each variety to help a prospective buyer choose.

r/graphic_design - March 2021 Work Showcase

“No Future” Vinyl Art, by u/katierosesweet

r/graphic_design - March 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/katierosesweet

A loud and brash redesign of Irish musician Eden’s recent album “No Future” by u/katierosesweet this month as part of a school design project. The redesign is worlds away from the original album art, and it’s refreshing to see such a free creative take on a project! The large smiley face and bevelled ‘Eden’ text ground the piece in 90s, UK&I dance/electronic culture, while the spiralling text in the record itself would have an almost hypnotic effect as it spins on the record player. The designer has done well to prevent the piece from seeming too cluttered and tiring to look at despite the big shapes, bold colours, and crowded text.

Vintage Stamps, by u/AnonymousA1paca

r/graphic_design - March 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/AnonymousA1paca

This month u/AnonymousA1paca has designed a range of vintage stamps based on US states. Nevada contains playful nods to both the gambling culture of Las Vegas and the Cold War (via the Soviet-style text). The colours are beautifully balanced and the designs manage to be both functional as stamps and attractive: no unnecessary elements are included. This is particularly apparent on the “Florida” stamp below, which nods to the sunshine state’s orange-growing heritage and the party lifestyle of its large cities with just two central elements (the glass and the green circle as a fruit wedge on the side of the glass).

r/graphic_design - March 2021 Work Showcase

There was lots of other excellent work posted this month, and thanks must go to everyone who’s not afraid to share what they’ve been working on with Reddit! We’re looking forward to seeing what’s posted next month – please follow the rules when posting to ensure your work isn’t removed.

Go ahead and vote for your favourite piece above, if you’d like. Once the poll closes in seven days we’ll award a unique flair to the most-voted creator.

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