I recently ordered a 60″x30″ acrylic print from an online place that had good reviews, and prints in 300ppi. It is a fractal, so I wanted it printed as high resolution as possible, so you can look into the details and it would still be crisp. The company can take any size file, so I submitted a large PNG file that was 300dpi at that size.

I just received the print and I’m disappointed. See attached image for the difference between the file and the print.

I contacted the company and they said that the dots and the low resolution I’m seeing are just how the direct to print is done and looks. They suggested HD Metal printing, but I don’t know if that will be any better.

What would you suggest for having the highest resolution, large print with crisp details?

I’m interested in hearing your suggestions for format and companies. Thanks.

r/graphic_design - Suggestions for High Resolution Large Print?

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