I’m an academic and by no stretch of the imagination a graphic designer, but a big fan of visual communication of meaning (and used to religiously buy Creative Review for the glossy beauty of it). I’m developing a basic website for a project to make patients aware of the risks of prescription opioid overdose and adapting some visuals from a similar project – with permission of the original graphic designer.

I’m using CorelDRAW (!) to trace the originals and tweak lines, add colour etc. One icon relates to info on securing your medication so another person doesn’t take them. The original icon is on the left and my reworking on the right. I was ridiculously pleased to find a ? that looked more like a face with hints of eyes, nose and mouth and wanted to share it here. Felt cute, might delete later 🙂

r/graphic_design - I'm not a designer, but really pleased with how I reworked this wee graphic

Before and after ‘redesign’

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