Hi! New to trying to make a website more accessible.

Webflow got this great accessibility audit feature in Beta right now, which is telling me that I skipped some heading levels.

On a typical page with various sections to read, here’s pretty much how the heading hierarchy is right now for each section:

r/web_design - First time making site accessible - Small question on heading hierarchy...trying to meet WCAG requirement

I’m not at liberty to the change the actual text, nor the order of which the text appear for the hierarchy to go h1, h2, h3 etc. I read that h1 should be the most important, followed by h2…and h6 should be the least important. But in this case, I’m not sure how to follow the ideal h1, h2, h3 hierarchy without skipping heading levels while keeping emphasis on their varying importance.

Would anyone have any suggestions/solutions please?

Many thanks in advance!!

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