I wish I had figured this out earlier. I am incorporating code snippets, answers and a small cheat sheet in the root directory of my project in a markdown file. I have been googling things more than once and it is very frustrating.

Because it is a markdown file and I have what I googled as the heading with the answer link embedded. I have the code snippets in a code block. I have important notes or the mistakes I keep making as bold. You can even incorporate images but fair warning at that point you should create a separate directory for the images. Here is a nifty vscode plugin

On a side note, you should also maintain an architecture.md. I may not be doing it in the right way but a very barebones nested list that describes the architecture of your project is far more convenient than checking the Trello board IMO.

Here is what my notes look like

r/webdev - [Beginner Tip] When googling something if you are referring to the same thing more than twice just store the snippet/answer in your project directory

This is nuxt/content btw

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