r/webdev - [Showoff Saturday] Notifier/Proxy Logger
r/webdev - [Showoff Saturday] Notifier/Proxy Logger


Repository – https://github.com/Volmarg/notifier-proxy-logger

Login: admin

Password: admin

r/webdev - [Showoff Saturday] Notifier/Proxy Logger

Emails history overview

r/webdev - [Showoff Saturday] Notifier/Proxy Logger

Discord webhooks management


I’ve created a project which serves me as a central messaging point. At this moment it works with 2 channels Email and Discord. The messages are stored in database for historical overview (alongside with the status (SENT/PENDING/ERROR).

Messages sending is handled via crons. Project consist of 2 API methods correspondingly to the mentioned channels:

  • insertEmail,

  • insertDiscordMessage,


The very first reason of this project existence is my main project Personal Management System. My management system sole purpose is to work as a private data collector/manager and thus it should be always denied to access the internet connection. After further planing i decided that I can still forward the messages to another internal project and then push them into the ether.

I already found more usages for this project like for example I’m using my 2 other small projects for it where I track Currency exchange rate, and Observe Corona German RKI page.

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