Welcome to r/graphic_design‘s monthly showcase! Each month, we highlight some of the best work submitted by our community. As an added bit of fun and competition, we’ve enabled voting on this post for you to choose your favourite piece of the month (the creator of the piece with the most votes will receive a custom, unique flair in recognition of their achievement). Hopefully you enjoy and please feel free to vote for your favourite 🙂

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Selfish, by u/lloydcordner

r/graphic_design - February 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/lloydcordner

Increasingly concerned and fed up with the selfishness of those around them, u/lloydcordner created this poster design this month. The message is design-led, reminding all of us that selfish acts damage the world around us – and that we simply can’t afford to. The attention to detail here is excellent: look at the slight yellowing of the grass near the flaming area, or the tree trunk that ties the dot of the ‘i’ to its stem, giving it an organic feel – as though the message comes from the planet itself. A remarkable piece of graphic design carrying an important message.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Design, by u/buster_friendly_

r/graphic_design - February 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/buster_friendly_

Designed for the annual can design contest run by Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, u/buster_friendly_ created this stunning illustration (and their girlfriend created the can renders! A nice team project!) The style is retro-futurist, tying the heritage of old-world Pabst beer to 2021, a year dominated by thoughts of the Perseverance Mars Rover, SpaceX, and space. Despite this, the can stays true to the brand, using a limited colour palette to excellent effect and ensuring that the product remains recognisable on supermarket shelves even with its limited edition design.

r/graphic_design - February 2021 Work Showcase

Vectornator Website Hero, by u/chacho1

r/graphic_design - February 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/chacho1

Created for popular design tool Vectornator, u/chacho1 designed this animated website hero (view the animation by clicking here). Implemented into browser using Lottie, the animation conveys the product’s key features: smoothing out a designer’s workflow by being a one-stop shop for all aspects of design. The range of differently-coloured bubbles entering the large central bubble (containing the Vectornator logo) indicates wordlessly the range of tools that Vectornator can replace in one place. The rest of the design is sleek, strong, and professsional and remains on-brand for the client.

Grinhaus Branding, by u/papa4ndre

r/graphic_design - February 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/papa4ndre

Created for an organic farm, u/papa4ndre shared this blocky logo this month. While perhaps a bit busy to scale effectively (removing the small leaves inside the greenhouse would be a good start), this is an excellent branding concept which I’m getting excited about seeing rolled out more widely across different surfaces: the potential for patterns and use of the various elements here is limitless and provides the foundation for a strong brand! The fruit and veg illustrations form the shape of a greenhouse (tying in the brand name), while their angular corners remind me of the distorting effect that steamed-up greenhouse glass can have if you’re peering in from outside. A very refreshing take on what could otherwise have been a bland piece of work!

Ox Red Envelopes, by u/atticusmass

r/graphic_design - February 2021 Work Showcase

Credit to u/atticusmass

This year is the Year of the Ox and following tradition, u/atticusmass designed these red envelopes for their Taiwanese company (whose logo is a bull). Each element in the design is carefully chosen to convey a message: the fireworks remind us of the celebrations at Lunar New Year, while the hatched lines are reminiscent of traditional Chinese woodcut art, tying this corporate design into its cultural context. There’s a strong visual balance here, with no one element dominating the others – it draws the eye in and I’m kept lingering by finding ever more details within the piece.

There was lots of other excellent work posted this month, and thanks must go to everyone who’s not afraid to share what they’ve been working on with Reddit! We’re looking forward to seeing what’s posted in March – please follow the rules when posting to ensure your work isn’t removed.

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