Hello guys, sorry to bother you with this again, but I have no idea how it works and you guys are mostly professionals sooo…

This is a continuation of my previous post (here) where I was asking you about when did you know its time to charge people for your design. After some consulting here and with my fellow book cover designer friends I decided to open commissions and start charging people for my work.

I actually didn’t expect so many people to order from me across various platforms where I posted my ad but it made me feel happy so thank you, guys 🙂

But the thing is, I think I´m doing something wrong… because even my customers tell me my commissions are really cheap 😅

Would you mind looking at this and telling me your opinion?

My book covers are all non-commercial, done in 3-5 hours (sometimes 6), and I charge for commissions 8-10€, up to 15€ if it takes more than 5 hours (for the whole thing + revisions if needed)

Do you think that’s fair? Or what would you say I should charge?

r/graphic_design - CONT; estimated worth?

this is basically what I attach to the ad

Thank you for your replies!

(and if you want to feel free to give me feedback/criticism on my covers haha…)

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