Hello! I am thinking of buying a laptop, Macbook Air 2015 (8gb Ram) – $ 544 or Macbook Pro 2014 – $ 437. My question is, which of these options is best for graphic design / video editing programs? I am interested in the Macbook Air because it is a year more recent than the other, although I don’t know if it is better than the “Pro”. By the way, I already have a powerful PC, I am looking for a laptop because of the mobility it offers and because I would like to try the macOS system. I’m from Peru, so those prices are the cheapest I could find.

NOTE: I was able to find a 2016 Macbook Pro – $ 547, but it has a screen defect, I don’t know if it’s easy to fix hahaha

r/graphic_design - Macbook Air 2015 or Macbook Pro 2014

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