hey all !

i’m new to reddit and the ways of the site and am learning! pls be patient w me. I’m a freshly graduated graphic designer/illustrator and am looking for some fresh eyes to give me some recs/feedback on my portfolio website. i recently had a potential employer tell me they didn’t know they could click on the images??? wondering what could make this site more user-friendly.

here is the link for the site: https://gabriellestadulis.com/

some questions to consider::

– what additions could be made to the images to invite the viewer to click on them?

– does the sidebar do it for you? (edit: I know the sidebar only shows up when you view it on web, still figuring out how to make it show up on mobile! if you know cargo collective pls help???)

– what initial thoughts come to mind when you open the site?

thank you so much in advance for your feedback!

r/graphic_design - looking for feedback for my personal portfolio site

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