I recently decided to embark on a little project to see if I can build a WYSIWYG website builder, pretty much just like Weebly.

Initially, I was planning on just doing the front-end in an effort to practice making drag-and-drop user interfaces. I have very little to no back-end skills.

I sort of got sucked into this project more than I had initially planned to, and now have the user-interface working as a static website (I used Dragula JS for the drag and drop implementation).

Right now, all this does is let the user drag and drop a bunch of blocks into their website and then generate an HTML string based on whatever is placed (the code generation is awful but whatever).

r/webdev - I'm trying to build a drag and drop website builder. How exactly does the back-end of a website builder/generator work?

Here’s what I have so far, design-wise.

I want to create a rugged unrefined working version where a user can create an account, “publish” their HTML page, assign it a subdomain of my domain, and have it live on my server.

I think it’d be really cool to have a basic working version that I could maybe retailor to something else down the line.

This is an absolutely massive challenge for me as I only really know front-end stuff, but I want to play around with it as this is my first project that I’m actually passionate about.

Since I know very little to nothing about back-end, server hosting, etc, I am absolutely clueless on how to proceed.

Could someone roughly give me some insight on what I should look into to accomplish the following:

  • Set up user accounts so that each user had an account they could log into and build sites.

  • Be able to publish the user’s generated HTML and have it live on my server, and maybe even automatically assign it a subdomain of the user’s website title (i.e users-website.mydomain.com).

Any tutorial links, insights, etc are very much appreciated. Thank you!

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