Hey people, so I need help/advice with my design homework… This is the first time have done design in school and I’m struggling with it. I usually paint/digital and have a lot of freedom so when doing design I feel restricted and limited… (feels like problem-solving) This is the homework; our teacher wants us to draw our name on A3 in whatever style (font) we want and that part I have done… (don’t know if it’s good) but I did it, the problem is she asked us to add on top of our name (what makes me) ex. one girl in the class transformed some letters into plants cause she loves plants… So I’m not really sure what to do, what represents me… I don’t know, I like creating art, I like soccer and that’s about it… How am I supposed to create an interesting design with my name (Elliott) and that describes me… help! I need advice

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I created my name using a “free” hand-drawn fish eye grid…

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