Long story short, I work for a company that makes speakers for recording studios/mixing/production etc. Our products are cool & stealthy looking with a unique design in the technology (the tweeter to be exact).

Our current website, www.adam-audio.com feels so sterile and dated (which is the UI to begin with), but the colors themselves used on the webpage are so monochrome and based solely on our products that you can see images of on the page. I would love any input as to how to integrate other colors (I’ve tried using a palette generator) but they just don’t seem to fit.

We want to re-brand a bit to be seen as a creative, cool company online, but the webpage seems to me to be the opposite… I’m fairly new to graphic design, UI design etc, but would love any input or feedback on this page. This can also span well beyond just the website, and into our advertisements and social graphics etc.

I’ve begun a mockup for the page at least starting with a new ui and graphic design, but still it feels lifeless and not creative or inspiring.

r/graphic_design - How much should our product influence our design?

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