The site is trying to match the user’s query to the contents of the images (not the image captions or any other image metadata) by using a neural net (source).

These images are not necessarily legally freely usable. If you want legally freely usable images, see the end of this post for 2 different web apps that search site Unsplash.


19M images from Reddit, Instagram, and Pinterest


it doesn’t use CLIP directly, but it does use similar methods

There is evidence that the developer was working on this before CLIP was announced/released.

I am not affiliated with this site or anyone involved with it.

Example: search query “a tennis ball in a dog’s mouth”. One of the search results:

Post image

Related: Use natural language queries to search 2 million freely-usable images from Unsplash using a free Google Colab notebook from Vladimir Haltakov. Uses OpenAI’s CLIP neural network.

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