Hi everyone – hope web design is the best place to ask this question.

Essentially i’m trying to tidy up the bottom of posts on my website. I’ve attached a screenshot below and will just quickly explain what each element is.

  1. (and above) body content of the post

  2. Google Ad words advert (nice to have, not earning much anyway)

  3. plugin to track feedback (important to inform funders etc) – auto generated at the bottom of posts.

  4. theme elements – tags and suggested posts.

  5. blank space before footer

r/web_design - Create new widget area within posts?

what I would like to do is put my ad (2) into the blank space (5) – I know this doesn’t optimise positioning etc, but that’s not my aim with the website so i’m not bothered.

I think the solution is to create a widget space under the theme elements and then add in my HTML code as I normally would for a widget area. For reference the theme is hueman.

However, I don’t know how to do this and have no CSS knowledge. Can anyone suggest a work around?

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