JS setup for parsing csv bank transactions

Hey all!

I'm looking to create a small tool that combines and organizes my exported csv files. I'm looking to import each month's csv export, categorize purchases, show totals, etc. Screenshot below of the kind of views I'm looking to create.


(1) I want to use JS, so I can use this as a growth exercise. I know React and a little NextJS, fwiw. This could just be an Excel project, I recognize, but I want to turn it into a JS project.

(2) I want to be able to rename items from the csv files. IE: change "COSTCO WHOLESAL" to "Costco", etc.

Does this sound like something I could do with Next? Think I should create a database (somehow? firebase?)? Or could I have Next read all the csvs at build time? No idea how slow this would be.

Advice appreciated!


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