HWInfo is one of the best hardware monitoring software out there. With it, you can monitor the internal components of your PC collecting data such as CPU temperature, percentage of RAM memory usage, GPU utilization, among many others.

It has a log feature, where data is recorded over time in a .CSV file.

The point is: interpreting CSV data in tables is not the most intuitive way.

Feeling the need to better interpret the logs, I created LogCharts. With it, it is possible to generate a line chart representing any data present in the log. You can view smaller parts of the graph with the “brushing” functionality, check the individual values ​​through the tooltip and check the minimum, average and maximum values ​​of the selected data. You can also add more than one line to the chart, allowing you to compare different data over time.

r/webdev - [Showoff Saturday] I made a visualization tool for HWInfo logs that displays data in a line chart!


With LogCharts, I could see how the voltage of my Ryzen 3200G was showing a strange behavior, making the temperature a little uncontrolled as well. After researching, I switched the Vcore in the BIOS from Auto to Normal, generated another log and then realized how the Vcore line was much more stable, and how the temperature was within acceptable levels even with the CPU load close to 100%.

I hope LogCharts can help you identify problems and find solutions more easily, as well as better understand how your computer behaves over time.

Forgive me if any bugs appear unexpectedly! One of the reasons I built this project was to compose my portfolio in search of an internship, I don’t have much experience in webdev but I tried to do my best to code well and learn as much as I could.

Link to Logcharts: https://leo-holanda.github.io/logcharts.io/

Link to LogCharts repository in GitHub: https://github.com/leo-holanda/logcharts.io

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