Hey! I’m rebranding the business I launched in a panic last year. I cant afford a graphic designer and I’ve never done this kind of work (I’m using photoshop and illustrator (and youtube). I’m sure I have a lot to learn. I’m not afraid of critique, I’d love to hear it!!

For sake of time (and ease) I downloaded some templates off creative market, because starting from a blank page was not working.

Brand Identity: I have a wellness business that focuses on redefining self care; away from a commodity driven practice and toward a practice of deepening self awareness through heart based, energetic practices. I use tools like astrology and tarot and I was trying to bring those elements into this design.

The heart is designed to look like its expanding, the border/layout is meant to evoke a playing card/tarot card kind of feeling.

As I said above, any advice is welcome, or a vote on your favorite would be so helpful. I’m not super attached to any of the designs, but I like the direction it is heading (away from a blank page 😉

Thanks for your time!

EDIT: I know none of these are perfect, they all need to be centered and edits in the arrangement but I’m trying to decide which idea to move forward with, and opinions on typography, overall design, placement of objects, etc.

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