TL;DR: I am basically trying to build a navigation panel that includes icons that jumps directly to specific sections with the SAME PAGE.

I am trying to create gallery of circle images that link to sections within the SAME page. I have found code that allows me to create a circular photo gallery. However, this code relies on the blog format (Summary Gallery style that sources blog information.

This is a unique struggle because the anchor text CSS code of <div id=“anchor”></div> does not work because hashtags are not allowed in the URL.

How do I circumvent this issue ? What is the most logical way to develop a gallery panel with circular images (Also any recommendations on the proper px for this panel would be great because I struggle with trying to find the right px because the images that I export from Canva are so huge. When I lower the px, the quality lowers (even though I export in .PNG).

I also have the section IDs through using the Chrome-Extension. How should these be applied ?

Should I take a completely different approach ? Any recommendations ?

Disclaimer***Also, I extremely new to website development and am using Square-Space !

Help me please 🙂

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