Can you tell what this ‘f’ logo is without context?

It’s only for a personal project but I want it to be good enough for a multi-million $ company!

Clue as to the subject it is for, in links below.

it was born out of pen and paper but you can see how it has evolved from this ://

It will in some cases be paired with the rest of the word that follows however I want it to be able to stand (lol) on it’s own, too

Bottom right is where it’s at so far i right to have gone from the brush stroke to a typeface? Also I’ve tried to find if this idea has already been done (which is usually the case) but i couldn’t find any instance, the nearest thing I suppose I was going for is kind of this but that looks way too complex lol

Any help/feedback will be greatly appreciated!!! I’m more conceptual and I absolutely loathe logo design!!

And is there any other/better subreddit for this?

Thank you in advance

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