Hello everyone,


I’m a furniture maker and designer, and currently setting up my own shop. Therefor I started designing a logo. The name of the shop is not yet set in stone, so I’m open to suggestions or critique.

For now the name is: Martijn Buur Furniture

I have designed a logo for myself before, but after talking to a friend about it he told me it looks like a skid mark.

The logo

r/graphic_design - Furniture maker logo design
r/graphic_design - Furniture maker logo design

Variation for work clothing. (maybe)

This time around I wanted to keep things simple.

I decided to make my full name smaller since it’s about the furniture I create and not me.

I felt like the font I used for my name fits with my personality. And the font for the Furniture fits with what I create, which is mostly Mid century modern furniture.

I would like to hear your opinion about the logo, tell me what you feel and think about when you see the logo.

I’m open to suggestions and critique.


Martijn Buur


I know about the other logo critique subreddits. But I felt like people with a lot of knowledge of logo design would be here. If you would like for me to move the post just send a message.

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