Santa brought an Epson WF-7210 that I’m “hacking” to be used with sublimation inks, which means manufacturer guarantee is gone. Main issue was finding the right color management, the color profile supplied by the ink manufacturer had a green tone that I didn’t like it at all. I finally used the one provided by Epson. On Apple under Catalina it was impossible to setup for Photoshop and Illustrator (buggy and very inaccurated colors), on Windows it took me around 5 minutes.

I’m applying my designs to Unisub 9.5×9.5 cm premium wood coaster with a pretreated shiny white melamine layer on top (around 1.5US$ per coaster, around 3 cents on quality sublimation paper and around 10 cents for the print).

Sublimation technique is quite easy to master, print your mirrored design on sublimation paper, put it on top of a pretreated surface (coasters, pillows, tshirts…) and heat press it for around 30 seconds (medium press at 200C°) … the outcome is beautiful shiny surface with really vibrant color. A bit reddish for my taste but it seems it is a feature of this surface, on poliester tshirts and phone cases the color is perfect.

Any question, feel free to ask 😉

r/graphic_design - Avataker Legends prototype I will sublimate on premium wood coasters.

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