r/webdev - I made some cool charts with my 2020 Spotify stream data

The charts are on my website http://calp.io/ , the bottom tile and theres a link in the nav.

Spotify lets you download your streaming history a year out, so I got all of that and built some neat charts. I was able to use it to get my top artists and top songs from those artists. I can see how much I listened to the songs/artists daily and monthly. Theres all sorts of cool things you can do with the data!

They give giant json files with an array of ‘stream’ objects, formatted like

    "endTime" : "2019-06-27 03:44",
    "artistName" : "Dermot Kennedy",
    "trackName" : "Outnumbered",
    "msPlayed" : 60248

So the possibilities are endless. It’s super fun to play around with!

This is my first time building an api, using mongodb, and deploying an express web server. So I’m super pumped about getting all of this to work. So hopefully ya’ll dont break my website 😀

My site is http://calp.io/ , its a SPA i built from scratch with vanilla js, so any feedback on that would be cool too.

Theres a tile at the bottom of the homepage for the spotify charts. and its also linked in the nav. The charts work on mobile, but its a way better viewing experience on desktop.

Thanks for checking it out!!

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