r/graphic_design - Help me make my UI look less like a child's toy thing

Hey guys,

I’m a software dev creating a little UI for a personal project of mine. The goal is to display my dashcam’s video stream, together with some additional information: REC-indicator, steering wheel position (2x: actual and a guess from map data), speed, left/right indicators, cruise control status, date/time, free storage, fps and warning indicator (the green border). It is displayed on a 7″ screen (car radio).

Now priority #1 – which I believe it already achieves – is being easy to read, since it’s a in-car application that I want to glimpse at during driving. Nevertheless, the childish toy-like appearance annoys me.

I’m looking for input from the design community to make my UI look more serious/professional, while still keeping the readability.

This is not a commercial product, so there’s no “ecosystem” it has to fit in, feel free to go in any direction 🙂

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