Hello there everyone, I have developed several icons for something (it isn’t really important what right now) and I need assistance in choosing one.

r/graphic_design - Logo/Icon Choice HELP [Poll & Suggestions]

Zoom in to get a view of the names

As my usual graphic-design-go-to-suggesters are split right now, I thought this would be a good way of choosing and crowd-testing logos. (Two birds with one stone, right?)

These are not for the same brand name, so the letters they are derived from are not the same for all designs. As you can see, there are a few main ideas, and then the rows branch off and make variants of each other.


Choose your favorite series and vote for that, or choose your favorite logo and vote for that series and then comment which specifically was your favorite. (the 5-series has only one logo rn.)

I suggest zooming in on the pic to look at the alphanumeric names.


If you have any suggestions as to a variant of any of these, label your comment “SUGGESTION” and explain it (along with a pic, if you can). I only want serious suggestions, no bull.

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