I have a unique situation with a nested component I would like to span 2 columns of the parent grid, however, the content that shows the expanded content only shows in one column and I cannot span the content to be both of the parent grid columns.

See screenshot of what is currently in place and what it would look like.

r/webdev - Tricky CSS Grid Override - VueJS (Nuxt) / TailwindCSS

The staging site is here: https://sarokis.netlify.app/menu/royal-oak/

Here is the GitHub Repo: https://github.com/joeelia/sarokis
And here is the area of code that should override the columns: https://github.com/joeelia/sarokis/blob/master/components/Menu/BlokMenuCard.vue#L31

I believe this can only be achieved with DOM manipulation by injecting the child component to be part of the parent and I have tried that, but it either doesn’t work or makes the ‘SUBS’ menu card drop down to the next line which isn’t what the design calls for.

Any tips?

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